What if I need a prescription refill?
In our patients best interest, prescriptions are filled during follow-up visits. In the rare instance one is needed in between visits, please have your pharmacy contact our office.

When do I review my ordered test results?
Laboratory and imaging test results are discussed face-to-face on follow-up visits. Ensure you have an appointment scheduled to discuss your results. You will be contacted if there is something to be discussed prior to your next follow-up visit.

Which medication or list of medications should I bring to my visits?
It is extremely important that you bring all your medications or an updated list, including vitamins and supplements you might be taking to every appointment.

How soon do I have to see my neurologist after being released from the hospital?
Hospital follow-up visits will be within 1-2 weeks after discharge or as determined by the provider.

I am having new symptoms or I believe to have a side effect from my medication; what should I do?
Contact our office, and speak with a medical assistant via the triage line.


For emergency situation, please report to the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment, or call 911.